Las Vegas is the largest city but is not the captial city of Nevada it is actually Carson City. Las Vegas is world renown for its easy marriage proceedings, entertainment, legalised gambling and legalised brothels. The geography around Nevada is amazing mountain ranges and valleys.  With 172 mountain summits reaching 609 meters, Nevada can claim to be the most Mountainous state in the USA.

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Nevada Climate
The state of Nevada is mostly made up of semiarid and desert climatatic regions.  Winter nights may reach as low as -45 degrees and during summer days over 52 degrees.
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Visit official website > For more information about the state visit the official state of Nevada website.

Las Vegas Guide Books

The world’s best travel guide is produced by the Lonely Planet and they have a pick & mix option for downloading Las Vegas guidebook by chapters.  Some of the Las Vegas guidebook chapters that you can select to download for around $3 per chapter are:

  • Navigating Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas & Nevada
  • Las Vegas Drinking & Nightlife
  • LAs Vegas Eating
  • Las Vegas Entertainment & Arts
  • Las Vegas Excursions
  • Las Vegas History, Arts & Gambling
  • Las Vegas Shopping
  • Las Vegas Sleeping
  • Las Vegas Spas, Sports & Fitness
  • Las Vegas City Guide
  • Las Vegas Encounter Guide

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